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Batman Facsimile Edition issue #181 featuring a reprint of the 1st Appearance of Poison Ivy! All of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar  bag supported by a full back board.

"Beware of-Poison Ivy!" The debut of one of the Dynamic Duo's greatest foes is reprinted in this new facsimile edition, just in time for HARLEY QUINN AND POISON IVY #1! In this story, Poison Ivy crashes an art gallery opening to announce that she intends to become Gotham City's greatest villainess! How will the Caped Crusaders stop her mad plan-when Ivy's kisses can cloud men's minds? And in the backup story,  Batman must help one of the Mystery Analysts of Gotham City when she's threatened by a mysterious voice. This issue also includes a two-page pinup of the Dynamic Duo!

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