Giant Size X-MEN Dave Cockrum Tribute issue #1

Giant Size X-MEN Tribute issue #1 shown in NM/M condition showcasing some seriously mind blowing painted cover art by the great Adi Granov paying homage to the iconic Giant X-MEN issue 1 after Dave Cockrum. THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR PC! All of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar bag supported by a full back board.

Forty-five years ago, a comic book came out that would change the face of Marvel Comics forever. Writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum revamped the X-Men completely, replacing the bulk of the teen heroes with a completely new international cast! The legendary one-shot took comic fans by storm and set the series off in a new direction, setting the stage for the legendary X-scribe Chris Claremont to make them the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe! Now, 37 of Marvel's top artists come together to re-create this epic story, each re-drawing one pulse-pounding page in tribute to this Marvel masterpiece!
Rated T+


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