Marvels issue #4

Key Notes - Very low print run. Alex Ross 1st art with Deadpool and X-Force. 

Marvels issue #4 shown in NM or better showcasing some seriously mind blowing cover art by legendary artist Alex Ross. This cover pays tribute to Rob Liefeld's creations and looks stunning! All of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar bag supported by a full back board.

As Doctor Strange continues to contend with the machinations of Nightmare in the framing story by Alex Ross and Steve Darnall, a bevy of other creators lend their talents to stories from all across the Marvel Universe: Daniel Acuña spins a saga of the Deviants in the world of the future; Doug Rice and Hilary Barta explore the earliest adventures of Doctor Droom during the time of the Marvel monsters; and Mark Waid and Lucio Parillo pit the Hulk against a fighting mad Wolverine in a brutal painted saga!


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