Savage Avengers issue #2 David Finch igcomicstore


Savage Avengers issue #2 shown in NM/M condition showcasing a savage cover by the legendary artist David Finch! All of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar bag supported by a full back board. ( This is not a Virgin cover )

• The Hand has teamed up with the evil wizards of the Hyborian Age to summon a death god from a celestial hell. 
•  The only thing standing between Earth and destruction is the Savage Avengers: Conan, Wolverine, Punisher and Voodoo. 
•  Plus: Logan donates blood, changing one Avenger forever. And Conan discovers a dark secret squirming in a genie bottle. 
•  Your new favorite ongoing series is knives out in its second chapter.
Parental Advisory

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