Uncanny X-MEN Giant Size Variant issue #11 W/COA igcomicstore Skan


Produced Exclusively by IGComicstore, Limited to only 800 Classic Trade Copies Worldwide. Uncanny X-MEN Classic Trade Giant Size Variant issue #11 shown in NM/M condition featuring some mind blowing cover art by super star artist Skan, a new masterpiece has been born, Classic Jim Lee X-MEN at their best! All of our comics come sealed in a high quality mylar bag supported by a full back board.

After the devastating events of "X-Men Disassembled," it falls to Cyclops to rebuild the X-Men in the face of overwhelming hatred. Thankfully, he's not the only X-Man to have just returned from oblivion. Scott and Logan are together again, and they are mutantkind's only hope. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and returning superstar X-Artist Salvador Larroca lead the X-Men into their darkest hour...and beyond!
Rated T+

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